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When you decide to ship something with our help, you firstly will need to provide us with the size, weight and type of your package or a freight…


Then you choose the destination and delivery type – meaning it will be either a US-wide or international shipping; a courier delivery or just the shipping


At the end of the filing process you’ll be provided with a unique package number, which you’ll be able to use for Tracking the shipping progress via our website!

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Whatever item needs to be delivered or shipped, we're capable to do that!

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What our clients say

I have a big family all members of which are spread almost evenly across the US… That is why, especially during holidays…

Larry Winfield

, British Petroleum

While touring the world on my business trips, I oftentimes miss a lot of significant family holidays, birthdays and so on…

Jessica Hiatus

, General Motors

When I had to move recently, the whole moving process went along in a few stages…

Jonh Stones

, Dipro Group